In 1947, 146 people attending area churches of Christ were living in “White Oak”, which extended from Stringers Ridge Tunnel to Culver Street and was so-named because of White Oak Springs on White Oak Road. That year, the Woodland Heights church oversaw a tent meeting in White Oak, with the preaching of brother W. J. “Willie” Lemons.

The Sunday after the close of the meeting, a group of men met at the Woodland Heights building and decided to establish a working fund to start a congregation in White Oak. They collected contributions and pledges that afternoon and elected William Jordan as treasurer for the work. B. A. Crisman and Bruce Crawley of the Red Bank church led the effort.

Soon they purchased a property, 2229 Lyndon Avenue, from Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Strong, for $3,250. Immediately, renovation began on what was, then, a flower shop. On November 2, 1947, the church met for the first time in the greenhouse portion of the shop, with brother Henry Geer, preacher. Attendance was 94 that Sunday; 104, the second Sunday; and 134, the third Sunday.

While continuing to meet in the greenhouse, construction of the present building began. The downstairs portion of the present facility was complete in 21 working days, and the church met in the new portion January 18, 1948. Construction continued on the building, with the men of the church doing most of the work. The church moved into the present auditorium March 2, 1952.

The highest recorded attendance in the history of the White Oak church was 569 for a Sunday afternoon singing. The lowest attendance was 35, on January 20, 1985, and was due to heavy snow and icy conditions.

Those who have served as elders include:

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